Massive shift in supply chain issues from U.S.-China tensions is unlikely, says JPMorgan

by Editorial Team

JPMorgan predicts that the US-China tensions will not cause a significant change in supply chain problems.

  • The G7 is working on banning exports to China and restricting foreign direct investment into China.
  • The EU and Japan are not fully on board with the US’s initiative.
  • The US’s influence on other economies may not align with what the rest of the world wants.
  • China rhetoric may increase as the US election in 2024 approaches.
  • Supply chains may become more resilient, leading to potential reshoring of production to the US.
  • The risk of a US debt default is becoming more evident.
  • The debt ceiling has been in place for over a hundred years and is usually extended.
  • If the debt ceiling is breached, there may be added volatility to the market and a risk-off move.
  • Yields may fall, and the dollar may also fall.

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