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SupplyChains is the official magazine and media outlet of the Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC). It is the home of all the latest news, information, analysis, resources, and thought leadership for procurement, logistics & supply chain professionals.

Our mission is to facilitate the connection between the world’s largest supply chain solution providers, including 3PLs, software companies, consulting firms, real estate agencies, and equipment manufacturers, with end-user shippers such as manufacturers, retailers, and brand owners. As the world continues to embrace technology and digital transformation, we offer the latest trends, industry insights, and resources to our audience of global executives.

As a well-established and trusted voice in the supply chain, logistics, and procurement industry, we engage with a highly targeted audience. We provide an ideal platform for you to showcase your services, solutions, and expertise, share your achievements, and enhance your reputation in the industry.

SupplyChains portfolio is perfectly placed to raise awareness of your products, solutions and services to supply chain buyers and influencers. Over 76% of the audience is responsible for and has a key influence in buying decisions, and collaborates internally with other board level stakeholders.

SupplyChains connects suppliers to procurement, logistics and supply chain decision makers who drive change, consensus and transformation in their business, through a global network of 250,000 influencers in more than 50 countries who have supply chain at the heart of their organisation. See our demographics.

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SupplyChains offers a comprehensive package of supply chain, procurement, and logistics news, opinions, investment tips, research, events, podcasts, and videos, all in one place.

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