The Emerging Role of Mexico in the Electronics Supply Chain

by Editorial Team

Andrew Hubert, a supply chain consultant and professor at Holt University, recently moved to Mexico and suggests it as a suitable location for production and supply chain diversification. Mexico’s favorable regulatory environment with the U.S., physical border, and educated workforce make it attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking cost-effective production.

Why this is important

  • 🌏 Companies seeking to diversify their supply chain can benefit from Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. and suitable production base.
  • 💼 Andrew Hubert’s expertise lies in cross-cultural negotiation and training purchasing teams.
  • 🤔 The challenges companies may face when moving their supply chain to Mexico include sourcing and supply chain complexities.
  • 📉 Compliance and logistics costs have increased, making it more difficult to manage cross-border business.

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