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  • Descartes Systems: Evaluating the Factors Behind Its Premium Valuation

    Descartes Systems: Evaluating the Factors Behind Its Premium Valuation

    Descartes Systems, a prominent player in logistics and supply chain management software solutions, has captured attention for its impressive financial performance and comprehensive product portfolio. However, the company’s premium valuation…

  • Evify Investment Opportunity

    Evify Investment Opportunity

    Evify was incorporated mid 2021 and is India’s first provider of Carbon Negative, tech-enabled electric last mile delivery Start Up. The company has grown many folds in a short period…

  • Shipping Stocks to watch in 2023

    Shipping Stocks to watch in 2023

    Companies that transport commodities over waterways and oceans are essential to the world economy. The need for shipping services has surged as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and supply…

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