How Source-to-Pay Automation Helps Align Supply Chain Strategies in APAC

by Editorial Team

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In an era where efficiency, cost reduction, and strategic sourcing are
paramount, Source-to-Pay automation stand out as the key to unlocking
unprecedented value.

According to recent research, more than half of Source-to-Pay tasks are fully or
largely automatable. This highlights a great opportunity, as more and more
companies are rigorously inspecting the core processes that run their business,
seeking areas to add efficiency in the Source-to-Pay process.

The source-to-pay process includes strategic procurement activities like spend
analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, and final
activities like e-procurement, purchase order processing, invoice automation,
accounts payable, and payment processes.

Source-to-pay solutions and processes are among the vital elements that keep
organizations running. Automating these operations allows procurement teams to
reduce costs, avoid low-value tasks, and focus on more strategic initiatives.

During this interactive webinar, our procurement technology experts will take
questions and discuss:

– The role of Source-to-Pay solutions in procurement and supply chain

– What specific steps to take before source-to-pay automation can begin

– The role of AI in enhancing sourcing and procurement processes

– Learn from case studies where Source-to-Pay solutions have driven significant
improvements in procurement efficiency and outcomes

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how these solutions are reshaping
procurement strategies, from predictive analytics to intelligent automation, and
setting new benchmarks for efficiency and innovation.

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This webinar is a must-attend for supply chain, sourcing and procurement
professionals seeking to enhance their strategic planning and operational
resilience. It offers a unique opportunity to gain critical insights and
strategies for steering through the complexities of sourcing and procurement

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