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sponsored-postGet your brand inside the site editorial content with a Sponsored Post.

A sponsored post is a post on the website which is paid for by an advertiser. We only accept Sponsor Posts from companies whose services or solutions we think our readers will find valuable and/or interesting. If we determine that the companies we describe in these posts do not meet this criteria, we will not continue to run Sponsor Posts about them.

Sponsored posts are clearly designated as such, so that readers will be able to determine which posts contain opinions of advertisers. This is typically done by the words [Sponsored Post] (in brackets) at the start of the title, and then the phrase “This is a sponsored post written by the sponsor, [sponsor’s name]. Currently, this appears in a gray text box, although that is subject to change. The “click here” would link to the Sponsored Post Guidelines page.

The idea behind a sponsored post is to give the sponsor exposure for its product. Sponsored posts should not be used to gain link juice. We don’t want SupplyChains to be a place for SEO farmers. Sponsored Posts receive up to three links: one link in the introduction for your company’s name (ie “This post is brought to you by Acme Widget Company…”), and then up to two more links in the content of the article.

We guarantee that a sponsored post will remain on the site for 6 months. In reality, the post will probably remain permanently, as we don’t prune old posts, but we can guarantee 6 months.

Pricing: US$ 500 for each post
20% discount for orders of 3+ sponsored posts = US$ 400

Terms & Conditions:
– Each post will be clearly labeled “Sponsored Post:” at the beginning of the title
– We try to keep the content of sponsored posts relevant or interesting to our readers, and in good taste.
– At times, we may edit a sponsored post for grammar, and then get clearance from the sponsor before running the sponsored post.
– Limit of 10 sponsored posts per month will be published on the site (more than 100 news articles posts are published in one month)
– The contents of a sponsored post, including the opinions expressed therein, are those of the advertiser, and not of Chain Media or its writers.

Sponsored Posts FAQ

Q: Who writes the post?
A: The draft of the Sponsored Post is written by the advertiser and edited by our team — to keep with the writing style of Chain Media sites. All Sponsored Posts are identified as such in the title.

Q: How long does the post stay on the site?
A: The post and links are guaranteed for 6 months.

Q: Is the post featured on the homepage for a certain amount of time?
A: It depends on how much content the individual site publishes. Depending of the type of post, it might be in the category section for a week, while others might be on the homepage for a few days.

Q: Are there companies that you don’t accept Sponsored Posts from?
A: We look for advertisers that are relevant and interesting to our readers, so if we feel an advertiser isn’t a good fit for a specific site, then we will either suggest a different advertising option or won’t accept the Sponsored Post.

Q: Will you promote my post on social media?
A: Yes, your Sponsored Post will be promoted via Linkedin, Twitter and Weibo, just like the rest of the writer’s posts.

Q: How many pageviews will my Sponsored Post get?
A: The amount of pageviews is dependent on both the individual site’s traffic and the type of post. For example, a Sponsored Post that is simply a description of your company would not get as much traffic. Please keep in mind what is relevant and interesting to our readers when considering a Sponsored Post.

Q: How many links do I get?
A: Sponsored Posts receive two links: one link in the introduction for the company name (ie “This post is brought to you by XYZ Company…”), and then one more link in the content of the piece with the anchor text of your choice.

Q: Can I buy a text link on your site or sponsor an existing page?
A: No.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I buy multiple Sponsored Posts?
A: Yes, on some of our network sites. See prices above.