Gamesa local procurement strategy in Asia


Obras da fábrica Gamesa

Gamesa’s expansion in manufacturing has seen it build factories in the world’s leading wind energy markets, from Spain — which supplies Europe and North Africa-, to the United States, China, India and, beginning in July, Brazil, which will address demand for the company’s products in Southern Cone countries.

Gamesa’s expansion strategy assigns particular importance to developing a local network of suppliers, all of them aligned with and committed to the same corporate objectives, quality standards and processes, which will also enable wealth creation in local communities in the countries in which the company does business.

Supply chain localisation is at an advanced stage in the US, with 60% of procurement made up of local content in 2010; in China local procurement accounts for 89% of the G8X-2.0 MW turbine system and for 76% of the G5X-850 kW turbine system. The local supply chain accounts for 35% of sourcing in India. In Gamesa’s other emerging target countries and markets, such as Brazil, the company’s targets call for 60% of purchases to come from local suppliers in 2012.

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