Domino invests in new India factory


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Domino-India Group MD Nigel Bond with the team at the new Domino India factory

Cambridge UK coding and marking technology world leader Domino has opened a new factory in India.

The 4,050 sq ft facility is located at Manesar, a leading business hub in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. 

Manesar is one of the six leading business hubs in India and home to leading global manufacturers such as Alcatel, Baxter, Bosch, Cadbury, Honda, Panasonic, Suzuki and Toyota.

Built to green building design specifications, it will house manufacturing for printers and fluids, as well as an integrated warehouse and billing centre. It replaces Domino’s existing facility in India which is currently located in two separate units 25km apart.

The factory, which has taken three years to construct, was opened by Nigel Bond, Domino Group managing director at the end of October. In addition to cutting a ribbon at the opening ceremony, a coconut was cracked,which is an Indian custom to bring health and success. 

This development builds on Domino’s success in India to date, where it has been market leader since its entry in 1996. It will also bring operational efficiency and simplification of business processes which will benefit Domino customers, as well as providing capacity for the growing business.

When fully operational at the end of November, the new facility will have a team of 35 Domino employees comprising fluids plant manager, printer plant manager, logistics manager and their teams. Three new roles will also be created.

Bond said: “I am delighted to officially open our new factory in India which underlines our commitment to maintaining our market-leading position here and growing the business.

“The decision to build an environmentally-sustainable factory is in line with our commitment to continually improve our environmental performance. One of the biggest single benefits of the green building design is the significant efficiency improvement in energy consumption. 

“It has been specifically designed so that the building will have ample natural light in all work areas and won’t need lights on during the daytime.”

The new facility is currently awaiting accreditation by the Indian Green Building Council. 

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